Carolina Saguan has a degree in Graphic Design and a specialization in Corporate Identity. She has worked in the wine industry since 2003. She started in Finca La Celia as Marketing Assistant and then she was in charge of the Marketing Department. From 2005 to 2008, she worked in Telteca Winery as Marketing Manager. Then, following her passion for the wine industry, in 2010 she started working freelance as Graphic Designer consolidating her position in Wine Branding and Packaging. This service includes the development of the concept, branding, naming and packaging. Her rule-breaking style became a benchmark of innovative labels.

“In every new project my aim is to tell a story that goes beyond a purely aesthetic label. The idea is to faithfully convey the patient work done by the winemaker of that wine. That’s why the label design aims to tell a memorable story by means of distinguishing concepts in every project, adding value to the great work of the winery.”


Many years of professional experience guarantee her know-how in the field of marketing, creative communication, corporate and graphic design. By means of a thorough and consistent process of creation, every project gets its own identity whit the aim of succeeding in such an atomized market as the wine world


She not only has a deep knowledge of design but her work is also focused on marketing. This way, these two activities are joined in order to get the best product of the market competitively.


The world of the graphic design and marketing is rapidly changing, not only as regards trends but also at the technical level, which entails continuous learning of new technologies and applications in order to provide a comprehensive and updated service.


The customer satisfaction and loyalty is the primary objective. The customer needs, advice, information and specific solutions are the main focus of her work. Once the project is over, the idea is to keep in touch with the customer in order to follow the progress of the product.


Due to the constant change of the audiovisual media, it is necessary to research the new trends actively. It is essential to devote much of the time to research and develop new techniques and creative solutions for those who need them.

Creativity has no limits