Año: 2017

Cliente: Santa Julia



Tintillo by Santa Julia


When creating Tintillo, it was essential to generate a memorable good sounding name and, especially, to use an existing word since Tintillo is the name given to wine in “lunfardo porteño”.

Tintillo is a name able to generate a new category of wine including those fresh wines (summer wines) without rules, to drink with ice or no ice, to drink cold in summertime. A summertime wine to enjoy and drink the whole bottle, not only a glass. It sounds fresh, enjoyable and relaxing. Tintillo as a brand paves the way for a new way to drink red wine in summer.

Summary: A good sounding name (that sounds good), memorable (catchy) and existing previously (“lunfardo porteño”) that has a funny pronunciation, though not frivolous; a brand that generates a new category of wine: summer red wines. “Let’s drink a cold Tintillo?”


The design of the label is based on “lettering”: the art of writing or drawing letters or words by hand or the art of producing beautiful writing. In recent times and thanks to the digital age, we do not write out by hand very often and, in this case, the idea of the design is to go back to calligraphy to leave a unique mark on the history of wine and the moments lived around it. Our handwriting is unique and, especially, it makes us different from the rest showing all our personality. The idea of Tintillo was to create a unique brand with these features of great and unique personality. The design is completed by the creation of calligraphic ornaments to beautify the writing together with the expression of the brand and to increase its standard. These decorative elements are one or several motifs, which may be repeated and combined in series with other elements. The idea of placing said elements was to include more messages in the design in order to create a decorative poster, memorable and unique, just like the label. Using colour is an absolute economy of resources since the design is in black and white with the idea of conveying a minimalist style where the centre of attention is the name and design, not the colour. Moreover, if the design is eye-catching in Black and White, colour is no longer needed.

Summary: memorable brand design with lettering font style, personality and imprint that leaves its mark with economy of resources in order to focus the attention in the name. The design is relaxing, enjoyable, well thought and balanced just like the wine. The idea is that the label is easily recognisable in any context and the brand strongly conveys an innovative and avant-garde tone as regards the identity of the wine.